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are you a virgin that you are muslim? asked by Anonymous

come and find out

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i want them all
yeah but don't you think its wrong that they lost their virginity and they are muslim? asked by Anonymous

Wtf, why are you discussing this with me? Worry about your so called pure self.

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What is color.
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i follow this girl i dont remember and blog but she's muslim and not a virgon , is it haram or something , ppl were judging her yesterday , i dont know if u know her blog but since ur muslim i wanted to know if its haram to lose your virginity ? asked by Anonymous

I think I know who you are talking about lol.
Personally I think that your actions are by your own choice, whatever you do is by choice. Being a virgin or not that’s your choice, don’t judge them. If you want to know more info then look into the religion more idk.

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